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Fire Extinguisher Servicing - Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is designed to help you with your Fire Extinguisher questions; however please feel free to call us if you would like more detailed information.

Why do I need my Fire Extinguishers serviced to BS5306?

This enables you to comply fully with your legal requirements to provide a safe environment for your occupants, employees and public, etc.

What is British Standard 5306?

This is the British standard, which is legally binding, governing your portable fire extinguishers. It requires an annual service to ensure they operate when required in an emergency situation.

What benefit does the Fire Extinguisher service give me and my business?

This gives you full compliance to your legal obligation and insurance requirements; along with total "peace of mind" that should you become unfortunate enough to have to use them, they work as intended.

What sort of organisation or business needs its Fire Extinguishers serviced?

Every company, individual and/or organisation, no one is exempt, where the extinguishers are fitted as a requirement of planning laws or a current Fire Risk Assessment strategy and thus must be maintained.

What does the engineer do during his visit?

He will ensure every extinguisher is working correctly along with checking or changing seals, clean, label and importantly, is suitable for its environment.

Does the engineers visit, disrupt my business?

This is possible but not normal, as we simply need access, however it will depend on the type of extinguishers you have and their locations. Our engineers are flexible and normally work around any disruption issues.

What do I get at the end of the Fire Extinguisher service?

A worksheet detailing our visit and any recommendations, to allow you and your insurers compliance.

Do I need my Fire Extinguishers serviced every year?

Yes, under BS5306 part 6.

What are different types of Extinguishers used for?

Please call the office and we will explain in detail. They all cover different types of fire or ignition source.

How long do my Fire extinguishers last, before they need replacing?

The normal shelf life is 5 yrs before they need replacing or a discharge test. Other factors could be their location, temperature, etc.

If your question is not listed above, please do call us for a cost effective, professional and reliable service.

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